Long time, no see!

I wonder if anyone is still out there?

Last time I posted I was off for my first day at my final prac. Wow, what a six weeks that was. Things haven’t been quiet on the home front either. Here’s a brief snapshot of the last two and a half months.

1. I have done my final prac, now I’m waiting for confirmation I can graduate. There’s one small assignment to go. I’m hoping to have it knocked over today. I got some great references, made some good friends, and more importantly, great colleagues who are always happy to help.

2. Hubby has changed jobs AGAIN after yet another redundancy. This job at least seems more stable, even if it is a contract position. Thank goodness for federal funding I say.

3. M&M turned 6. She had a family party and was thoroughly spoiled with lots of barbies and Hannah Montana paraphanalia.

4. My wonderful mother-in-law stayed with us for 6 weeks to look after the house while I was on my prac. She did a great job making sure my children got everywhere they needed to be and I could focus on my prac. She’s been gone a week now and I’m still looking for things *evil grin*.

5. M&M & Kiki had their ballet concerts, which required additional rehearsals, costume alterations (thank goodness for mother-in-laws hey?) and multiple makup practices. They were both amazing. M&M still has another lot of concerts in 3 weeks.

6. Kiki had her enrolement interview for Prep next year. She’s all ready to go. I just need to get the uniforms etc. More $$

7. I had the interview for M&M going into year one next year. She is more than ready, which is lovely to hear. Heaps of stuff came out of this interview, possibly enough for a whole post in itself. We shall see.

8. I’ve had several doctors appointments regarding Kiki’s eating and reflux issues. Again, another whole post on it’s own.

9. I had my interview for employment with Education Queensland. The feedback I got was very positive. Hopefully I’ll hear soon from a school that wants to employ me.

10. We surprised a dear friend in Airlie Beach for his 30th, just days after they surprised us with their wonderful baby news. We’re all so excited (not least because my cot and high chair can now go to a good home).

11. We spent a weekend in Toowoomba for another family birthday. There were a great many cousins on Hubby’s side to catch up with and meet.

12. I learnt that my life is crazy, but I love it like that.

So that’s my last few months in summary. What’s been going on in your world?

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  1. , 20. November 2009, 11:56

    I’m still here. You ARE crazy girl!!!! I have no idea how you do it all!!!!

  2. , 20. November 2009, 13:50

    You certainly to squish a lot in. Nice to see you back!

  3. NinOxford, 20. November 2009, 22:43

    Good to hear from you! I’m looking forward to more news

  4. , 27. November 2009, 4:03

    Ok… I’m late coming to the party but here I am! Reports are finished and now it’s a gentle slide into the end of the school year.

    This will be you next year…

  5. , 27. November 2009, 7:48

    Yay, of course you passed with flying colours!
    Actually, another blogger has just done almost everything in tandem with you, lol.

  6. , 4. December 2009, 17:08

    hey thats great that you’ve finished the prac! all the best with the job hunting

  7. , 6. December 2009, 18:14

    sounds like you are well on your way with your teaching!

    Yay for having a mil who helps!

  8. , 17. February 2010, 9:47

    *tap tap tap*

    Is this thing on????



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